Colliewobbles Fun Dog Club  

About the Club

My name is Sandra Giles and I run the ‘Colliewobbles’ Fun Dog Club.

Tessa, my rescue Collie, was the first dog I took to training classes. We really enjoyed the experience and the knowledge my dog and I gained of working together made life safer and more enjoyable all round. After completing the basic obedience course, there was nothing more offered so I began to look around for what else we could do together.

I was granted a place at Tunbridge Wells District Canine Society agility section and having completed our training we went on to compete. I loved the positive aspect of agility training and thought how much better my earlier basic obedience training could have been if I had discovered that strong bond with my dog earlier.

As my pack increased in size with Moss, another rescue prick eared Collie and Poppy, yet another rescue, this time a Springer Collie cross, I started entering into fun dog shows. I really enjoyed training the dogs with a mix of obedience, agility and tricks and to work as individuals as well as together. We always booked in under the name of the ‘Colliewobbles’.

With the new rescue addition of Jake, a Saluki Greyhound cross, I returned to puppy obedience training classes at Chiddingstone Causeway. When the trainer left to have a baby she asked me to take her classes which I really enjoyed doing.

Drawing upon the experiences from my past I decided that FUN should be the most important aspect of my dog training classes. So the ‘Colliewobbles’ Fun Dog Club was born. Continuing at Chiddingstone Causeway I also began classes at The Parish Rooms at Four Elms and at the Brent Hall in Tonbridge.

Always wanting to widen my experience I heard about Louise Ince who had arranged a training day of Heelwork to Music and booked my place. I was really impressed and felt that many of my members would also enjoy her training so arranged for Louise to visit Chiddingstone Causeway monthly. The classes were so successful that she now runs multiple sessions every month for us.

The classes I now run are a mixture of agility, obedience and heelwork to music to help the handlers form a bond with and enjoy their dog. I aim to ensure that all my members are comfortable, that no time is lost and the classes are fun for the dogs as well as their handlers. We are a friendly club where all family members are welcome to watch and join in.

I had ‘Colliewobbles’ listed with the Kennel Club so that we can offer Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizenship assessments. This gives club members a goal to work towards should they so wish. For those that have achieved their gold I devised the ‘Colliewobbles’ Gold Plus assessment which stretches both handlers and dogs to further improve their skills.

We have many Kennel Club passes each year and also members achieving and competing in Heelwork to Music assessments and competition. To help socialize the dogs we have games nights at Christmas and Halloween, and Easter bonnet competitions. We now also organise regular club dog walks to give members from the different classes the opportunity to meet up.

I hope that provides a background to the club and I look forward to seeing you and your dog in the future.