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A Collie Springer cross who we adopted from the RSPCA at Godstone at 8 weeks old. He was a wonderful friend and companion to our young son and defender of us all.


Our beautiful tri prick eared Collie lady who came to us from the Viking Oak Kennels at 18 months. She passed her bronze KCGCDS test and competed at agility until she retired.



Our handsome black and white prick eared Collie boy who also came from the Viking Oak Kennels at 10 months old. He competed at agility for a short time and was awarded his KCGCDS Bronze, Silver and Gold and also passed his Colliewobbles Gold Plus.



A Springer Collie cross. She came from the Viking Oak Kennels and we were her fifth home in two years due to her aggressive behaviour. Nobody could ask for a more loyal pretty little girl who won my best place at agility and achieved her KCGCDS Bronze, Silver and Gold and also the Colliewobbles Gold Plus. When she retired from agility with cruciate ligament problems she started competing at TD Rally and achieved her Title and Championship at Level 1 and Level 1 Veterans before retiring from that as well. She still trains at Heelwork to Music where she has passed her Garnet, Opal and Pearl awards and is currently working towards her Topaz in the music development scheme.


Our aristocratic Saluki Greyhound cross who was found abandoned at 5 months old. We fostered him for the council and could then not part with him. A very big wobble indeed! He has shown us how different and wonderful hounds can be. He has also passed his KCGCDS Puppy, Bronze and Silver and next year hopefully his Gold (if I can ever stop him on a recall) and has competed successfully, on occasion, at TD Rally receiving several aces.


The newest addition to our pack, our noisy, boisterous lad who came to us through R.A.I.N. two years ago. He was only 12 months old and he had moderate to severe hip dysplasia. He is a tri Collie Springer cross. After helping him to put on some weight and strengthen up, he has already passed his KCGCDS Bronze, Silver and Gold and is working towards his Colliewobbles Gold Plus. He has been awarded a distinction at Freestyle Heelwork to Music level 1 progress awards. He has also earnt his Zircon award in the Movement Development Scheme and a Merit at Dances with Dogs.


Lexi joined our family at the end of July 2014. She is an 8 year tri collie who came from Valgrays Border Collie Rescue. She settled in straight away with the other dogs and was highly delighted to meet our grand children. My grandson Edward is taking her through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. The latest news is that they have achieved the Gold award together.


This is our new lurcher called Harrison who is 5 Years old. We have no history as he came to us through Crofter's Rescue at Rayleigh, Essex. We had a few problems initially with joggers and bikes but he is now a delightful addition to our pack.


Brandy, my mum's miniature poodle, has also joined our pack.

We are very lucky that they all enjoy each others company.